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From The Depths Of The Underworld - 1991

Текст песни:

The Underworld

Crushing the night, trafficing the day
Bringing disease, under your skin
Drug lord-pushers, pimp at work
Deliver the goods,
Hand over the "smokes"
Pump up my adrenaline
I need your head up
With alibies...

Cocaine addicts, they can't cope
Speed freaks all hooker on dope
Needle spreads venomous plagues
Neighborhood pride
In the underworld...the underworld

Social decay. life's slowly fading
Autopsy shows a drug overdose
Raw deal set ups,
Drug cartel controls
Don't burn bridges
That you may cross.

An eye for an eye
The law of the land
Neighborhood pride
In the underworld... the underworld.

This town's full of greed,
Deception it breeds
Blood running through the gutters,
Crime's way of life,
Some don't know better
Somehow they must find a fix,
Another robbery, assault and battery
How many more deaths tonight?
Fear on the streets,
Dealing with creeps
Violent solutions to every matter.
Authority claims war on drugs
F.B.I., senators, crooked cops
Corruption the power
Of money controls
Dollar signs branded into the skull.

A deal going down somebody got shot
Boys in the 'Hood can't be bought

Uzi in hand flashing gang signs
Drive by shhoting bullets
Spray in the night

Watch what you say...
...Careful who you betray
...Bond is the law...in the underworld.
The underworld...the underworld...

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