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Embraced By Misery - 2001

Текст песни:

Standing In The Shadows

Gone from me my last hope of sanity
Deprived of a conscience to set me free
A reality that goes with a grin
To break these chains would be a sin

For this disease consumes my sould
and the cycle continues again and again
Take me higher just fade away
hang my head and wait for a new day
See through my eyes where misfortune lies
And everything else that you despise
Enshroud myself in misery
This cursed veil of depravity

In the dawn of my dreams I can hear the horrid screams
When confronting my fears I hear them call
Calling me forth to the fall,
the fall of a new day that's gone
This was not meant to be,
hear me after!

Standing in the Shadows for a lifetime alone...
you fade away!

Enter a world so divine
Consume all that is thine
Inside these walls of disdain
Your soul, in peril – in vain!

I've found a way to numb the pain
To kll the light and breathe new life
To close my eyes and sleep forevermore
Standing in the shadows of suicide...
as you fade away!

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