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Embraced By Misery - 2001

Текст песни:

Into The Everblack

I've seen a side of life that's been
So jaded – but it's all I really know
Transforming lies into the truth
Delusions of something that I could never be
So many years have passed since then
Those years are lost...
A timeless journey so it seemed
Precious memories abstract in symmetry
I found my throught it none the less
It's a shame that I never passed your test
We'll see the future side by side
Some will triumph
While others just fall behind

I'm killing myslef just to be
A part of this world – to be free
I've had enought it's just no use
You could never love me...
even with time

Divine tragedy
Perpetual hate-fueled iniquity

Who's to say that there's nothing left for me now?
Who's to say that someday I'll find my way?
Where's the love that you promised?
Or was it only, only in my dreams?
Just give up, we've fucked up
Now there's nothing we can do to save ourselves!

We've seen a side of life that's been so twisted
– so goddamn bitter cold
Our fragile lives have turned to dust
Time has brought us to our own fatal end

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