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Forgotten Tales


The Promise - 2002

Текст песни:

Cold Heart

I can see in your eyes, the fear and the pain
Now you know that today will be your last
If you could see in our hearts the clouds and the rain
You should know,we can't forget the past

You lived your life in gold and lace
With plenty of food and wine
But the world outside was in disgrace
Waiting for a sign
You've raped, you have stolen
A thousand times on this land
For you it was only amusement
That they didn't understand. But today... They will see...

The death of a cold heart, liberty for all
There'll be no more tyrant to tear them apart
Death of a cold heart, liberty for all
Death of a cold heart, they will be free at last

You lived your life all alone, you thought you had friends
They got you to the bone, you'll regret 'til the end

Now we see in your eyes
The end of this reign of terror
Wherever we'll go even in the skies
We'll never meet together
If you could see in our hearts
No more clouds and no more rain
We now have hope for our children
They are free at last... And they've seen...
But today... They have seen...

They've seen the death of a cold heart...

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