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ReliXIV - 2005

Текст песни:


What you going to do when the walls come down
When the searchlights flash and the sirens sound
If your name is called will you be around
Will you keep a'rolling
Where you going to hide when they look for you
Will you march in time, will you see it through
Make me proud, the least you can do
Wheelz will keep us rolling'

Now to a fault can I speak the name
From where we go and whence we came
Standing tall to share the blame
Time knows only tolling
Count out the scars, that pollute the mind
Where the critics lay and the enemy find
They find, no one
We are burning more them just a moment

Wheelz to the moment that takes us where we are
Wheelz to the volunteer that's gone too far
Wheelz to the few we love, our loyalty and trust
Wheelz to our moment, the best of us

When the grass is tall and betrayal ripe
Would you rather run, or will you stay and fight
Will you give me hope, will you give me light
You have to keep me rolling
And if I fall, right next to you
Will you lift me up, will you see me through
You know I'd do the same for you
You have to keep me rolling

Where you going to stand, when the bastards drool
When the bitches cry, in the line of fools
Will you give me strength, so I can too
Never stop the rolling
I am honored to have known your name
So proud I am you feel the same
As we go from whence we came, rolling
We burning more then just the moment
We are living more then in a moment

Take up arms, stand in a line
Listen to the march that takes you through time
Find what you need in the sound of the drum
And feel in your heart, what only few have done

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