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King Diamond


Voodoo - 1998

Текст песни:


Saturday midnight

At midnight that same night, the Lafaettes were slipping
At midnight that same night, there is a shadow creepeng

Salem is moving without a sound
Salem is moving...moving, moving to the burial ground

So hot and so quiet, only the leaves are shaking
By one of the graves, Doctor le Croix is waiting

Doctor le Croix, shaking the hand of Salem
"My my my my my God, Salem tell me the secret
My my my my my God, this makes me feel uneasy"

In shock... Le Croix is terrified, this could be the end
Fear turns to hate. "Great Wanga will befall the Lafayettes

Salem help me, save us...Salem help me, save us
By turning them to dust

So take this money and off you go
To Madame Sarita's Boutique of Voodoo
A snake curse and a little "Goofer Dust"
You Salem will be the link between them and us
This could be an easy way to turn the Lafayettes to dead"

Two hours later. Salem leaves Madame Sarita
"My my my my my God, Salem is looking scary
My my my my my God, now he's heading for the cemetery

Kneeling in front of the graves
A handful of soll and Salem is on his way
He must leave a copper penny as payment for the soil
And to protect himself
From all the spirits that could come and dig themselves
Into his head... Dead...Dead...Dead...Salem is here

By the house, in the dark, there is a shadow digging
The snake in the bottle, is buried and it's ready

Salem is moving without a sound
Everyone's sleeping, but me cause I don't need it.. No

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