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Cacophony Cactus Cadacross
Cadaveria Cadaverous Condition Caducity
Cage Cake Caledonian
Caliban California Guitar Trio Callenish Circle
Calling Calvarium Calvary
Camouflage Camulos Cancer
Candiria Candlemass Cannibal Corpse
Canonis Cans Canvas Solaris
Capellan Capharnaum Capitollium
Caprice Captain Beyond Caravan
Carcass Cardiant Cardigans
Carnal Forge Carnal Lust Carnival In Coal
Carnivore Carpathian Forest Carpe Tenebrum
Cars Casketgarden Cast
Casus Belli Catamenia Cataract
Catastrophe Ballet Catastrophic Catatonia
Catharsis Cathedral Cattle Decapitation
Cause For Effect Caustic Celestial Season
Celesty Cellador Celtic Frost
Cemetary Cemetery Of Scream Cenotaph
Cenotaph Centaur Centinex
Centurian Centurion Century
Cephalic Carnage Cerebral Turbulency Ceremonial Oath
Ceremony Cerimonial Sacred Chain Collector
Chainsaw Orchestra Chamber Changes
Channel Zero Chaosbreed Chaostar
Charlie Charon Cheap Trick
Chevrotine Chicken Shack Childermas
Children Of Bodom Chimaira Chinchilla
Christ Agony Christie Chroma Key
Chrome Division Chroming Rose Chronic Decay
Church Churchills Cianide
Cinderella Cipher System Circle II Circle
Circle Of Dead Children Circus Maximus Cirith Gorgor
Cirith Ungol Citadel Citizen Cain
City Boy Clan Of Xymox Clandestine Blaze
Clash Clawfinger Client
Closterkeller Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ Cloven Hoof
Clutch Coal Chamber Cochise
Cock And Ball Torture Cockney Rebel Code Of Perfection
Coercion Cold Coldplay
Coldseed Collage Collective Soul
Colosseum Comatose Vigil Combichrist
Comecon Communic Conception
Concerto Moon Concordia Concrete Blonde
Condemned Cell Condition Red Confessor
Connells Conquest Consolation
Conspiracy A.D. Construcdead Contempt
Control Denied Convulse Cool Fire
Coral Coram Lethe Cornerstone
Corona Borealis Coroner Corpse Carving
Corrosion Of Conformity Council Of The Fallen Count Raven
Counting Crows Covenant Covenant
Cowers Cozy Powell Craaft
Crack Up Cradle Of Filth Cranberries
Craniotomy Crash Cream
Creed Creedence Clearwater Revival Creepmime
Crematory Crepuscularia Crest Of Darkness
Crimson Glory Crimson Moon Crimson Moonlight
Crionics Cro-Mags Cromlech
Cronian Crossfade Crossfire
Crowbar Crowded House Crown
Crown Of Autumn Crown Of Thorns Crownthorn
Cruachan Crucifer Cruciform
Crumbsuckers Crush 40 Cryhavoc
Cryonic Temple Crypt Of Kerberos Cryptal Darkness
Cryptic Slaughter Cryptic Wintermoon Cryptopsy
Cryptor Crystal Ball Crystal Blue
Crystal Eyes Cult Cult Of Luna
Culture Club Culture Kultur Cultus Sanguine
Cure Curved Air Custard
Cutting Crew Cyanotic Cyborg
Cyclone Cyclotimia Cydonia
Cynic Cynicon  

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