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Страна: Нидерланды
Стиль: Black
Abbadon     Abaddon started in 1996 as a Death Metal band called 'SYMPLY DEATH', containing 3 members. Sander on guitar, Bas on Bass and vocalist and Gijs on drums. After spreading 'DEATH' for over a year Sander, the bands only guitarist, left. This caused the band to fall apart, also because they had trouble finding a good place to rehearse. After half a year Sander decided he felt like playing again and the band was united once again. After rehearsing for a while on the attic at the drummers house the band fell apart once again through lack of a good place to rehearse. In that time their style had already changed to 'BLACK METAL'. The bandname changed with it, 'CONTRA MALICE' was born.

They had already written some songs of their own at that time and another guitarist (Frank de Groot) joined the band because his old band 'ENCHAINED' started changing its style into HARDCORE more and more. Through Frank they were able to find a good place to rehearse in Lieshout, that was very well isolated. Drums, amps and microphones were also present.

After some time Gijs, the drummer, left to play in a different band, but luckily they were able to find a new drummer right away, Dirk Verspaget. He hadn't played drums in a long while, but he picked it up quickly which was of great benefit to the band. After Dirk had learned all the songs the band gained yet another member, Daniлlle Claassens, who gave the band a more melodic sound. The band was complete. The final changes were made when the bandname was changed from 'CONTRA MALICE' into

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