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Страна: Швеция
Стиль: death
    It could be said that CROMLECH is a "supergroup" of sorts, with persons having been involved with EUCHARIST, ABLAZE MY SORROW, and even IN FLAMES (their session touring bassist Dick Löfgren). All of these bands are, or were, very pivotal in the shaping of Melodic Swedish Death Metal, though a sad few were ever exposed to the mighty EUCHARIST due to poor label promotion. Those in-the-know can be sure that these guys know how to make awesome Metal! I think they have special glands which secrete massive amounts of melody into their bloodstream.
I'm unclear as to whether this EP is a "taster" for a full-length album to follow, as this was released back in Spring of 2000. I sincerely hope that these lads decide to continue with this project, as the results on "The Vulture Tones" are absolutely breathtaking! This material deserves further exploration, without a doubt.

"A Clarity Denied" hits quick with scathing, inherently Swedish-sounding riffs, but injected with a healthy dose of melody as one would expect. The melodies, however, are not the standard 3rds and 5ths used by many of their peers, CROMLECH have found some very unorthodox, tension-building harmonies to paint their palettes with. Shifting rhythms and meters are plentiful as well, along with large amounts of hyperspeed blast beats and tremolo-picked riffs, again highlighting that very "Swedish" quality to their sound. There are also some superbly skilled guitar-solos on display, with Jonas Eckerström almost sounding like a Swedish incarnation of Moyses Kolesne (KRISIUN) at times, with his command of sweep-picked arpeggios. The vocals are strongly rooted in the Black-vein, shrieking cries of agony, emanating the vibe of the bleak lyrics very effectively. All these elements make this album a breath of fresh air amidst the countless forgettable bands coming from Sweden, using the "Melodic Death Metal"-tag to sell their names...

All four songs are equally superb, with a slight nod to closer "Garden Of Sin" for its particularly venomous attack and dynamic contrasts. While it takes a few spins for it all to sink in, therein lies the excellence of CROMLECH! Sweden continues to impress...

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