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Страна: Финляндия
Стиль: Death
Adramelech     Adramelech was formed in 1991, and since then they have been around on the metal scene. In '92 they released their first studio release 'Grip of Darkness', which was soon followed by 7" 'Spring of Recovery' (Adipocere Records, Fra).

After a long silence, Adramelech finally visited in a studio in '94. 'The Fall' was the result of that visit, and Repulse Records (Spa) got
interested in it. In '95, A deal was signed, and in December the same year Adramelech returned to the studio in which they had also recorded 'The Fall', Tico-Tico studio in Kemi, Finland.

Summer '96 the time had come, Adramelech's first full lenght 'Psychostasia' was released by Repulse Records. After the release, the second season of silence ended the long creative season.

The band woke-up again spring '98, it was time to join the Repulsive Tour. Adramelech played several gigs with Incantation (USA), Deeds of Flesh (USA) and Avulsed (Spa).

Until autumn '97 Adramelech had enough material for a MCD, and once more, it was recorded at Tico-Tico. This MCD, entitled 'Seven', was released by Repulse May '98.

Things got complicated early '99 during the recordings of the second full lenght 'Pure Blood Doom', and everything changed dramatically, including the band members. Adramelech was once again going through hard times.

Anyway, here we are again with some new stuff. Check out the best ever Adramelech album 'Pure Blood Doom', released November 15th 1999 on Severe Music!

Line-up L-R:
Jarkko Rantanen - drums
Ali Leiniц - guitar, vocals, (bass)
Jari Laine - guitar
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