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Ghost Machinery

: Power
Ghost Machinery     The idea of forming my own band started somewhere in Spring `02. I was helping one of my friend to get his musical career back to its course and I offered him a song I made to the BURNING POINT ( but I guess that the other guys in BP didn`t share my enthusiasm towards that song so it was kind of left over...). Back then I was in the middle of the Feeding the Flames recording sessions so I kind of forgot the whole thing and the next time I saw my friend he told that they had enough songs of their own already so... the song was left over again... that poor thing was Temples of Gold.

Then it hit me , there was not going to be the third time... I contacted one my friend who was the guitar player in one of my hometown bands and we started demoing couple of my songsBut suddenly he had his handfull of other projects so that one died right there...

Totally frustrated of that situation I finally called Tapsa and Jussi in the end of the year `02. After about 5 rehearsals we had something like 12 new songs... The word new is used very cautiously here because few of these songs I`ve made years ago... But I have modernized or up to date them a little bit so they sound very new, even to me! Finally in Spring `03 we had our first demo cd ready ( called , Ghosts in the Castle) and I started sending it all over the world. After a few negotiations of some of the record labels we decided to make a record deal with Sound Riot Records, I guess that mainly because they share the same enthusiasm towards our music as we did...

So here we are!!!

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