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Abbetor of Satan

Страна: Индонезия
Стиль: Death
Abbetor of Satan     Abettor Of Satan was formed in the beginning of Maret 1997, with first name is Borisrowo with formation:

Imam - guitars
Essa Holopainen- vocal
Yulianto - bass
Iswanto - drum

In April 1997 Borisrowo change their name to Abettor Of Satan (A.O.S), on the moment Essa and Yulianto left the band and was replaced by Bisma and Putra Pande (Essa now became Manager of A.O.S), so that formation of A.O.S on the moment are:

Bisma - low growling
Imam - guitars
Putra Pande - bass
Iswanto - Drum

With this new line-up, A.O.S's character begin to be seen, with combine the strong elements of grindcore, deathmetal, blackmetal, gothic and doom with touch of ethnic music (Bali) and dark ritual which are strongly present in some of their songs. We describe A.O.S style as "Brutal Satanic Ritual Grinding".

With this line-up too A.O.S join to contribute single song for "Surabaya Underground Compilation" which are compilation album from Surabaya Underground Scene bands. Then in the 7th of September 1997, A.O.S started to play debut-live in AMUK 2 Surabaya supported by SKM IKIP Negeri Surabaya.

In Nopember 1997, Iswanto left the band then make A.O.S rest for a moment, but in the middle of Januari 1998 come back again with Koko as a new drummer.So that formation of A.O.S are:

Bisma - low growling
Imam - guitars
Putra Pande - bass
Koko - drums

In the end of Februari 1998 A.O.S recruite one personel again that is Kokok on bass guitar. With this line-up, A.O.S are already to gets burned all stages underground in Indonesia.

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